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Y-bearings, which are usually referred to as insert bearings, are basically sealed deep groove ball bearings in the 62 and 63 series with a convex sphered outer surface. These bearings are manufactured in a number of different series and sizes and are available with standard inner ring or an inner ring that is extended on one or both sides.

The various bearing series differ in the way the bearing is located onto the shaft. The most common methods use any one of the following: Grub screw locking. Eccentric collar locking. Adapter sleeve locking. Interference fit.

The standard assortment includes Y-bearings made of bearing steel and stainless steel with or without zinc-coated components.

In addition to the standard assortment the comprehensive range of Y-bearings consists of: Y-bearings with a hexagonal or square bore. Special design Y-bearings. Y-bearings mounted in appropriate housings to form Y-bearing units can accommodate moderate initial misalignment but normally do not permit axial displacement. Simple and economic bearing arrangements can be made using these units. Because of their versatility, and cost effectiveness, Y-bearing units are typically found in the following applications: agricultural machinery, construction equipment, conveyor systems, textile machines and fans as well as in machines for food and beverage processing and packaging.

NTN CM-UCF217D1 Mounted Units & Inserts Units

Original CM-UCF217D1
1 pcs Negotiable

NTN CM-UCF215D1 Mounted Units & Inserts

1 pcs Negotiable

NTN CM-UCF214D1 Mounted Units & Inserts

Original CM-UCF214D1
1 pcs Negotiable

NTN ESFTE205 Mounted Units & Inserts

1 pcs Negotiable

NTN CM-212 Mounted Units & Inserts

Original CM-212
1 pcs Negotiable

NTN CK-209 Mounted Units & Inserts

Original CK-209
1 pcs Negotiable

NTN ESFLE211N Mounted Units & Inserts

Original ESFLE211N
1 pcs Negotiable

NTN ESFLE209N Mounted Units & Inserts

1 pcs Negotiable

NTN ESFLE206N Mounted Units & Inserts

1 pcs Negotiable

NTN ESFLE205T04 Mounted Units & Inserts

Original ESFLE205T04
1 pcs Negotiable

NTN ESFLE206 Mounted Units & Inserts

Original ESFLE206
1 pcs Negotiable

NTN SNPS203RR Mounted Units & Inserts

1 pcs Negotiable